Tap/Touch events not working on Samsung Android 4.4.4 and 5

I developed an app with Cordova that worked fine until Android 5.0. The issue with the app is that I can swipe however I cannot tap/touch specific elements within my app (actually it works if I tap multiple times). Some taps work like expected such as buttons. However other elements like images etc. it doesn’t work (I have images in a carousel that when tapped executes a function)

Can anyone help as to why this is happening and only happening on Android 4.4.4 and up.

My code is below

nova.touch.bindClick = function(selector, func) {
if (nova.application.isTouchable === false) {
    $(selector).click(function(e) {
        func.call(this, e);
var isMoving = false;
var startTime = null;
$(selector).bind(this.eventNames.touchstart, function(e) {
    isMoving = false;
    startTime = new Date();
$(selector).bind(this.eventNames.touchmove, function(e) {
    isMoving = true;
$(selector).bind(this.eventNames.touchend, function(e) {
    var $me = $(this);
    var duration = new Date() - startTime;
    if (!isMoving && duration < 1000) {
        func.call(this, e);
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 500);
}); };

Hopefully you guys can help

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