Talk with the Experts Topics - What Do You Want?

Last year I began running Talk with the Experts sessions (hour long live chat sessions) and the subjects were varied.

I’d love to know what kind of subjects you’d be interested in hearing about this year, so that I can source some experts in those fields.

I’d like to hear about getting into the industry, what is required, what to do to prepare. I would also love to hear about grid systems.

Sweet - thanks for your input. I’ll add those to my list. :slight_smile:

No, thank you! :slight_smile:

I hope they’d be a section where experts would update us on seo strategies both on and off-page seo, what’s working and what’s not.

I like to hear to the information on foreign exchange. …

Since I’ve started to look into android app development (not HTML5, but the android SDK (Eclipse)), I would love to have an expert session about that.

You might need to visit another forum for that. :slight_smile:

An ‘Talk with Experts’ session on: Web Accessibility would be a wonderful idea, since I know it’s a very popular topic on the SPF. Though a lot of people are too afraid to ask questions or have misconceptions, or are ignorant on the topic thus it would be an ideal ‘topic’ to cover if you can hunt down some good communicators and web accessibility advocates and veterans to join in the potential live discussion. :slight_smile:

^ I can already think of a few people to ask to invite as experts for such a talk… some great new people have recently been added to the HTML Editors for HTML-A11Y.

I think possibly a good topic could be, how to get non-PHP open source stuff running on hosters? Most hosters say they only support PHP and whenever anyone wants to try using Ruby or Python or Perl they run into trouble getting their necessary modules and permissions set up. Usually there are tricks to it some people know of, like Pythonistas sometimes can get away with running their app in a virtualenv, where pip can install packages without needing root permission.

That’s very interesting too :agree: And knowing those tips will be great too

So here’s another suggestion @HAWK;

A hosting session for newbies and also a more advanced session to explain these little techniques to get the right configuration for your python or Ruby when you don’t have the right permissions to install your modules :slight_smile:

There is a bunch of great suggestions here everyone. Much appreciated. I’ll get onto sourcing some experts!

Any news when this will kick off?

I want to know about the off page work of SEO and what are the activities that is done and how to do? where to do?
In complete details so that we can do it and increase the ranking of my sites.
Thanks a lot in advance…

Yup, next up is Responsive Web Design with Craig Sharkie - that will be later this month.

i want to hear about networking business.

Could you say a little more about what you mean?

What is the first thing you do when you optimize your site? Keyword research or onsite check?

How about “how” to determine if someone is a good APP developer? Things to look for.

I want a good backlink strategie