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Images are a fantastic way to enhance your WordPress website or blog. Automatically, images add colour and vibrancy to your website. They engage your website visitors, and make your website more memorable by helping visitors make an emotional connection with your content. They even enhance SEO (provided you add descriptive file name and alt tags) and, with social networks becoming increasingly visual, website posts with images are much more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

Recently, I penned an article about Eight WordPress plugins to create awe-inspiring image effects. Today, I thought I’d take the search for image greatness a little bit further. First of all, I’ll explain how to edit images within WordPress itself.

Then, I’ll run through some external software platforms that can make your content stand out. There is a myriad of platforms available for editing and enhancing images. Many of these platforms have been around for years and years. Used extensively by graphic designers and photographers, their rich heritage lends itself to levels of image enhancement that are not so easily achievable through WordPress plugins. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing your images using third-party platforms and software prior to uploading them to your WordPress Media Library. Your WordPress website might even thank you for it in the long run.

Finally, I’ll take you through some WordPress image management tools, designed to keep your Media Library lean and clean.

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A very thoughtfully written article, Sally. Nice work. A lot of information there, and lots of interesting tools I hadn't heard of. Thank you. smile


Hi Ralphm! Thanks so much for your comments - I'm so glad it was helpful!


I've also used Imsanity with great success. Useful for those clients who like to upload 4000px wide images right out of their camera.


Thanks so much rubyaudio - I haven't come across that plugin. I'll check it out!

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