Taking a laptop with you to see clients

When offering services to clients where you might go and visit them to discuss what you can do for them, do you take a laptop with you when showing them stuff or do you instead maybe email them info and links before/after having had a face to face discussion with them, or maybe some other way?

When i say services, i mean any of the web based services that you or your company may specialise in, for example internet marketing, web design, copywriting or something else completely.

If you take a laptop with you, do you feel that its necessary to help you get your point across to them or not at all?

How do you prefer to show/present/talk about things with a prospect?

I don’t take a laptop to a client anymore, unless I go there to do production work. The question to ask yourself is:
Is your deliverable a technical solution or solving a business problem. If it is the latter, why would it need to be explained with a laptop?

HTH, Jochen

I may have my laptop in the car. Otherwise, a pen and a pad of paper usually do the trick.

It does sound like a good idea during most cases of meeting face to face.

I hadn’t thought of those options for presenting and explaining so im glad that you mentioned them.

I guess for situations and clients that might prefer to see something presented/explained from a computer that it might be necessary for them, but for the others i would look at the variety that you mentioned.

I think depending on the service they are interested in that a laptop/ipad will be handy in certain situations.

Nothing beats able to show them in personal what you can do for them and what can you offer. Besides I always have my laptop with me…its almost like a mobile phone to me.

I agree with dc about the client and the focus of the meeting. I usually don’t take a laptop, unless we will be doing work on it. I make the client tell me upfront what we are meeting about, because for some meetings I charge.

Also, I have had meetings where the client wanted to show me something, so I had them bring their laptop. It’s faster that way, if they have something to show me. Show me on a computer you are comfortable with.

But, if I am trying to win a client, then no, I don’t take a laptop. They can see my work online and talk to me on the phone and skype. I only meet with people who are clients, even then I try to dissuade them. Unless it’s some cool ass client!

It depends upon the client and what the focus of the meeting is about. It is always good to take along a laptop and maybe leave it in the car and if needed go and grab it.

taking laptop or something similar like Ipad is a good way … as because words can’t explain things which you wanted to show … also I take Ipad with me when needed or show any design or when working on article.

Any designer ever showed a prospect and won 'em over merely using a mobile
phone? I’d imagine that’d be quite a challenge. :smiley:

If you’ve already emailed them extensive information about what you can offer them, there’s no real point to meet them on a face to face basis (as the options should have already been laid out). If you are meeting them to showcase what you offer, then you have two choices… paper forms (so you can guide them through the process and check off what they need as they require it - explaining along the way) or a computer presentation on your laptop with the same forms except perhaps some visual examples of what work would be undertaken and perhaps a pitch as to why it’s useful (supplemented with you talking about it). So it really depends as to your personal methods and how you would prefer to go about it. Some people like to-do the whole meeting digitally, some like to be present and explain the digital options, others like to have a phone call explaining the options (without the visuals) and some prefer paper forms with explaining the process - it’s down to personal preference so go with what feels comfortable for you - as for me, I don’t meet face-to-face, I usually do Skype calls and extensive emails. :slight_smile:

Quite true. Words sometime can not express what you want to say. But if you can show your client your product, it will be much more convenient.

I always take my laptop with me so that I can either show what I have done so far, show examples on the www, look up something on the www etc etc.