Takes more than 30sec to respond - browsers stops and appear a message - what solutio

When PHP delays eg in a file explorer PHP app or other app, and takes more than 30sec to respond - browsers stops and appear a message - what solutions exist?

jQuery Ajax is asynchronous by default - all versions came out?

SLOPPY: Increase the memory timeout in the php.ini, restart and server and see if that fixes it.
INVOLVED: Analyze error log and determine cause of issue. If it can be fixed fix it. If it “can’t” try sloppy solution. If timeout and memory boost don’t fix it than embark on a potentially involved process to resolve the cause of the issue.

Is this for any particular open source cms or something custom? I know this is a common issue with many larger cms systems such as; magento and drupal. Both of those systems require an excessive amount of memory and timeout to run smoothly. Issue can also manifest when attempting to pull down a lot of data from MySQL in the form of having to small a max packet size. In that case you would need to up the max packet size in the my.ini file for the mysql configuration settings. The other issue is never ending recursion. Those are the most common I’ve ran into given the brief description.

is a php script search 3-4 folders(with subfolders) for video files to list them… File App…

Any param in RESPONSE HEADER can fix this?

any solution about — apply a request/response header to extending time browser awaits?

Improve your code or move hosts?

Add a timers to your code and see what is taking the time.

code is improved but tasks like downloads, uploads or PHP File (eg list videos files-many exist) library for example, that needed more than 30seconds server response, how i extend the browser await time so as browser NOT interrupt request and await more???