Takes long time to see changes

I have used Scite for many years now but suddenly it’s taking a long time to see my previews (changes) in IE10. Used to open quickly but now it’s slow. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Website is www.stoutstandards.com Please don’t laugh…

Wait… I think that I have to post later because I’m laughing sooo hard that I can’t write right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, seriously. There’s nothing wrong with your site… I didn’t have any problems with Chrome at work (and I’m using a network with lots of security so normally things go sloooooow here).

Have you tried to clear you cache and then reload it again? See if it is really as slow as you think?

It also loaded rather quickly with me, with relatively bad work internet, although I am also using Chrome and not IE10.

I’ve just checked it with Firefox, and it loads almost instantly. I went to half a dozen pages: no problems at all.

Before you draw any conclusions, you should check the site with different browsers, at different times of day, and - ideally - from different networks. Also, try it with hard-wired connection as opposed to wi-fi.


I believe the problem is not with the site itself loading slowly, but with it taking a long time for IE10 to open locally-edited pages. Barnum started a thread about this some time back, but I don’t think there was ever a resolution:

Thank you all. Techno Bear is correct. My problem is editing and then checking my work…it’s then that it takes so long to open. Hope I stated that correctly…

You probably did… then I’ve read and understood what I wanted and… as you can see, everyone follows my lead… lol

Well, except @technobear… one of these days I will have to have a few words with her :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume you’ve done the usual of clearing cache, cookies and temporary files etc?

( As an aside you may want to consider upgrading to IE11 as IE10’s usage is abut the same as IE6/7 now (2.8%) and is basically a dead browser now that IE11 is available.)

Paul I have done all those things…maybe IE11 will help…always hate upgrading IE as it usually causes something to go screwy. Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes I know the feeling. :smile:

no probs here either.
I think you might have a broken link for the main image on http://www.stoutstandards.com/Aboutme.html though.

Thanks Sherpa…I did indeed. Appreciate the heads up.

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