Take Our Reader Survey & You Could Win an iPad

It’s that time of year when we ask you what it is that we do well and what things you think we could do better.
We’d appreciate it if you’d take 5 minutes to fill out our Reader Survey.

If you do, you’ll even go into the draw to win an iPad!

Take the survey here.

No radio button for other on *4

Started the survey but as last year it is for profesionals and so I gave up at *5

It takes me to the “Thanks for completing this survey.” page immediately?
I guess you already published it on FB 1 or 2 weeks ago? I vaguely remember something…

heh I don’t read newsletters.

I hope people representing businesses take the survey, because I suspect they get a lot of value from the SP sites by helping educate their own devs.

It all worked fine for me, except that there was an strange popup on each page saying there was an error. No doubt a Survey Monkey problem, but still, could turn some folks away.

It worked OK for me. :slight_smile:

Well I tried but couldn’t get beyond page 1 - it wouldn’t allow me to not select any newsletters, and although I entered an “other” occupation, there didn’t seem to be an associated radio button so it thought I hadn’t answered that question either. Oh well, I don’t really want an iPad anyway…

I’ve had the newsletters question sorted - it shouldn’t be compulsory.

I had no problems at all.


Survey completed - when’s the closing date?

question 4, would not accept my “other” answer

question 10, would not accept no answer, so i checked them all

Just worked as expected. Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 m, Win32