Tables for Mobile

As I was looking at a UL of data I decided to put it in a table, but then I have a responsive design I am editing for a site so I found this gem online. I didn’t see anything similar in the forum so here ya’ go.

good stuff. You know that more people are on mobile devices why lose them if you don’t have to. People are not always going to scroll down, right and left to see your content so this is becoming necessary.

BTW, thanks for the other help I’ve received here.

Thanks lukkas. That css-tricks info has been mentioned around here a number of times, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. :slight_smile:

I was late to this responsive party. Although, I did use different css for media devices, these designs are far better

There’s a good approach here from berea st for responsive tables.

Since we are gathering links, these are worth noting as well:

and these:!