Tabled Layout?


A friend of mine asked me if I could code a theme for a script/CMS, it’s a sort of dating site script. Well I was fully ready to do the job. However, my friend tells me that it has to be tabled layout as the CMS heavily relies on tables.

Here is the problem, I never even coded a tabled web design before. I know that it’s not appropriate to use tables for layouts - I started learning HTML/CSS after tables were considered obsolete. So, what I’m wondering is - in a tabled layout is it alright to use divs to create box etc. within td? or all containers has to be tables?

Any other things I should consider while creating a tabled layout markup?

I’m sure someone is out there that were in the tabled layout era? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Even if the CMS uses tables there is no reason for you to code the part of the page you are doing any differently than you normally would. That the section of the page you are coding is wrapped in a <td> rather than a <div> will not affect how you need to code your part.

You may not be able to avoid the tables the CMS uses but there is no need for you to add any more of your own unless you are displaying tabular data.

it seems to me you’ll only have to worry about tables CSS so it’s an no brainer :wink:

on the serious side(?), take a look at vBul right here :slight_smile: