Table with search field does not display under FireFox only!


I am running into a strange HTML display error, ONLY in FireFox.
That is in this page for example:

There is a <table> in the right-variational area which is to display a
search field, this table with the search field in it, correctly display under
ALL browses but somehow it does not display under FireFox.

Note: for quickly finding what I am referring to, this table with the search filed in it should be displaying above "Last 5 Articles by me " which is on the right navigation area.

Can you let me know what is causing this problem with FireFox and
what to do to fix it?


No, you just swept the dust under the carpet, and are now pretending that it isn’t there. When it comes back to bit you, as it will, I trust you won’t come whining to us for more help…

you’re welcome anyway :slight_smile:

well :slight_smile: i didn’t offered you a solution, i showed you how to spot your table in FF :slight_smile: the “CSS idea” it’s pretty self explanatory as to where your table is actually rendered.

i will say it one more time: you need to review the code on that page, things will only get worse if you don’t. once you do that, clean up the markup and make it consistent with the DTD, you won’t need a solution, it’s all going to fall in its place :slight_smile:


Can you be more specific. Because I cannot see what is causing the problem with that section not displaying under FF. I have checked it over & over.
Really appreciate it.

it’s not strange at all, your markup is not properly nested: closed tags when there is no opening tag, and all that. you need to go over it and test for element nesting and proper opening and closing tag correspondance.

and you have a html DTD but you are using self closing tags of xhtml :slight_smile:

On one of the other pages in your site, you claim

European Governments do not waste their people’s money on Unnecessary Wars (Iraq War, Vietnam War, etc.)

You may wish to rethink that.

Oh – and btw – I come from England

Thanx anyway.
I resolved the problem by putting each element of that section in a separate Table.

that table doesn’t render well. try a cellspacing of 50 (or a css display: block) (or css { z-index: 999; position: relative} ) to make it appear. it’s shifted upward and hidden behind “Join my…, Follow me…”

anyway, you page needs a serious revision :slight_smile:

I still cannot see what the problem is.
Again the page, well that section, displays OK in ALL Web browsers by in FF
and it was displaying in DD OK too until today when I added the <table> section to there for better alignment of the search field and the Go Submit button.

you have <br /> all over the place. this belongs to a xhtml DTD, not a html DTD like the one you currently have.

you have <link rel=“…” /> also xhtml not html. and so on. you need to check all the markup, correct it so it won’t have xhtml self closing tags, and check for start tag, end tag correspondence and elements nesting :slight_smile:


Cell spacing 50 is of course not the solution, since that would destroy the look & flow of the page, as you can see here for example:

and the CSS idea is putting the search field in the wrong place, here: