Table to complement a graph

Hello. I am working with tables and graphs.

My tables are complete (one per web page), and now I want to add some graphs (one per page) to help people see data visually.

However, I think it would be useful to steal some of the information in the corresponding table footnotes (e.g. Notes and Sources).

So what is the best way to do that semantically?

On a given page, there will be a graph (i.e. image) and then below I want to basically keep the table footer.

If I steal the table from my other web page, how do I chop it down?

1.) Can I eliminate the table caption?

2.) Can I eliminate the table head?

3.) Can I eliminate the table body?

I would like something that is semantically correct, and that is accessible.

Your help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

P.S. I envisioned having the graph image on the top-half of the page and then dropping in my stream-lined table below it. But I almost wonder if I should be embedding the graph image inside the table because that would address some of my concerns above about having an incomplete table…

Can you give a brief example of the table you are trying to replicate in a graph?
What kind of graph is desired: linear, bar, pie, interval, etc?

It is not my intention to develop an answer with incompatible information.
Have you considered creating the graph using the tag?


Re-read what I am asking help for. (Hint: It’s not how to create a graph.)

Good luck to you. I know of no way to extract information from an image with javascript.

The issue is reading comprehension…

I never said or asked for anything you mentioned.

Have been thinking about this over the weekend and here is what I’ve come up with…

I could wrap my graph image in the <figure> element, add a <figcaption> at the top, and then below the jpeg/png image, I could add <ul><li> to add my footnotes.

How does that sound?

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