Table TD styles


I want to change the styles of the “CV” row on this page:

I have a class .tdclass and i try setting a width but it does not work…

Can anyone help?


Great thanks! Worked perfectly.

Thanks again…

Hi, you can’t change the width of one cell even if you set a width, because lower down the table in that CV column, a cell takes up a lot of width, and you can’t specify a table cell to have lower width then the longest cell in the column :slight_smile:

IF you want to change just CV width put your class to those celles which are in CV column and try this
use any width you like for the width and

use diplay : block

otherwise width will not be set

and dont keep any default width for table

Good Luck


I have reinserted it now, but has no styles currently as it didnt make a difference…

Can you please help?

Couldn’t see anything called ‘tdclass’ in the HTML or CSS…