Table Guides for CSS Parameters

I’m wondering (cuz I’m SURE there is) if there’s a table, or tables that show all of the possible parameters for CSS Properties. Also, I’m sorry if I’m not using proper vernacular, but I promise you I’m trying to learn. To give an example, if I’m not clear, like if I wanted to know all of the different ways I can express a Border Style, or different kinds of Backgrounds.

Again, I’m sure I may not be expressing myself properly, but bear with me.

Thanks again.

You ask for a list of CSS properties and their allowable values.

Please keep in mind that property usage is not black-and-white. A list of properties and values does not necessarily describe under what circumstances they should be used and their “side effects”, if any. A bit of study, experience and more in-depth reading will be needed.

That said, here are some handy “quick resources” of properties and values (there are others that provide more information):

and sometimes you just want to know if a property will work in a certain browser:

Good luck

Thanks again, sir. I was kinda thinking what you described, but these will help quite a bit just the same.

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