Table Duplication in PHP

Hey, I am making a Facebook like Page system as my first project, So far it’s been bate in mind I did it from my 3DS at the same time as my PC gets replaced, So far it’s turned out great. Now I am on to creation the blocking system I need to get the code to say If the user already likes the page and already has posted swill then display them on a different section, so Kindly provide me code

Thanks in Advance

How much are you going to pay us to do the work for you?

My guess is zero.

@AimyThomas ; On first glance this looks like a pretty harsh response, but honestly Aimy, SitePoint is a discussion forum where we learn to help ourselves. So, if you are coding your page and run into problems, please do ask how to solve them. That’s why we are all here. However, don’t expect other members to provide your code for you for free.