Table / Div Layouts - Which is more SEO Friendly?


I need to sort out if the structure of my website is blocking me rank well in Search Engines. I read that using div is more friendly than using Tables for Search Engine Bots. I have a site that was designed using table structures. Please give me your valuable reviews about the structure I have used and also your suggestions about any improvements to be done.


Table layouts are bad for many reasons, so their effect on SEO is not worth considering. The site needs to be updated. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph for your time to answer this post.


Me i think search engines do not care about this, but the idea in general is to separate design from content! So using tables should strictly be used for tabular datas and DIVS for layout!! but using tables for design purposes mixes your markup with layout elements, which is tooken as bad practice…

The idea of using divs of tables has no impact on the SEO. Divs are basically divisions and tables are …well TABLES! lol… using tables is outdated. why don’t you use div instead? They are comparatively easier to use and make editing easier as well.