Tab selects new photo

This page has 4 main images and 4 tabs.
The content below the tabs change, which is great… but I want to display only one image above the tabs (and the content below) per tab. Can I accomplish this with css?

It can be done, but you have made a very convoluted tab nav sys:(.

In any case, the SIMPLEST way:

  1. you will need to make sure that neither your #tab_container_ip or #tab_content_ip tab rely on overflow:hidden for anything
  2. add enough padding-top to .my_wrapper to contain the height of your images;
  3. add a class to the PICTURE itself ( since you also use an IMG for the headline… :confused: ). something like : .tab_pic{position:absolute; top:-(height of your tabs + height of image)px}. You may have to adjust this value as your jquery script may also be altering these components

hope that heps