Sysadmin who wants to learn javascript and furthermore html5 and css3


I’m mainly Sysadmin, got some html and css knowldge, but not super deep, I’m really interested on building apps based on web taking the html5 and css 3 advantage, of course I’m already learning javascript (know Perl), but after looking for some books to get in html5 and css3 it seems that all of them assume you have a deep knowledge of xhtml and css2.

What should I do? what should I learn? any good book or path you would recommend me?

Many thanks.

I have a set of links on my web site for web apps. They were a good help to me:

Look at the Mobile Makeover Guidelines, Web Apps section. I used that information to build this web app (view it on your iPhone):

There are other links on the page that will point you to other resources. It would be better if you narrowed down your question, though. Google is a great friend if you want the basics. “Javascript tutorials,” etc.


HTML5 and CSS3 are but extensions and additions to (x)html(4) and css2(.1). If you want to be confident with the newer things, you’ll have to invest time in the older ones. Especially HTML I think, since building web apps is a place where you really should use the right tag for the job, or know when it really matters (esp with regards to accessibility).

HTML4->HTML5 != Perl4->Perl5. It’s not so much an upgrade, but additions and whatnot.

HTML5 spec does have new Javascript APIs though. HTML4 specs don’t have this because when writing the specs for markup, they kinda left the scripting language for whom HTML and the DOM is the API for it as an afterthought. When writing the HTML5 spec, they believed this was not the smart way to go, and so Javascript is in a lot of the new spec, without necessarily much new markup to go with it. Support for the new APIs is scattered and does not rely on the browser having any particular support for “HTML5” in general or anything. Use the site to see individual APIs, tags and attributes you can use with current browsers you plan on supporting.

I also think that you start with some of the older stuff, you’ve got to learn the basics before you can fully use the new fancy things anyway since as Poes rightly said HTML5 is more new additions than a remake/upgrade of older HTML.
There are vast collections of books on HTML & CSS, depending on how far/good you are you might want to check out some of the Sitepoint starter books such as:

Another place to start is - Some people say they are “mainstream crap” but I’ve found most of their tutorials relevant and intuitive.

Well, you might be wondering why people say they’re crap: explains.

Hah I suppose they make some valid points… there goes the google search wc3schools filter… :wink:

We’re trying to get DuckDuckGo to stop showing it… maybe they’ve stopped already (DDG removes spammy domains if enough people give them feedback that the domains are worthless).

I doubt enough people will? Considering that they are pretty much almost on the top of google search queries, they must have some good SEO and a decent amount of visitors every month. No luck talking to them directly, asking them to up their game?

They’ve been asked, or so I’ve heard.

DDG will remove stuff the community in general states are spammy… that is, you know how sometimes looking for a product on Google would bring up all these .cc domains with fake brand-name stuff? Google got lots of complaints… or eHOW showing up a lot for things… content mills and so? DDG removed them from search results as an easy way to have more relevant, non-content-mill non-fake results.
For google I assume it’s harder to deal with, though they also do. Plus I guess if you start blocking a resource, next thing is blocking hate speech (who’d be against that?) and from there it goes downhill.

I’ve been using lately and they have TONS of videos that without a doubt will get you started and well on your way.