Syncing two FileSystems (Windows Server)

Hey Guys!

I currently have a client that has files hosted in the cloud (RackSpace Cloud Files) and now want to aquire a small business server to run locally in their office when they are in, and they want it to be able to sync with the files that are running in the cloud (when they turn it on, and at a time interval).

I want to write a small C# .NET application that takes care of this, and for this RackSpace provide an excellent API for connecting to the fileserver, but I was wondering if you guys have any experience or know if theres a .NET assembly or API that takes care of synchronizing? Meaning to check file timestamps to see if they have changed, and to identify new files and download/upload them?

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be great!



This really feels like reinventing the wheel – can you get file-system level access? If so then you might want to look at robocopy though that isn’t a great option for WAN usage. Another option might be some sort of SCM-style setup where the cloud server updates from a central repository.