Synchronizing column widths in two tables

To allow for scrolling, I have two frames (I know, I know) containing two pieces of the ‘same’ table: a non-scrolling header and a scrolling body, each in a different frame.

The problem: even if I specify exactly the same formatting, the columns often end up with different widths because of 1. the scroll bar in one frame and not the other and 2. horizontally large elements which force different column sizes in one table but not the other.

So, my question is this: Is there a fairly direct, (nearly?) browser universal way of synchronizing the column formatting of one table with another?



I know I’ve seen people use css to make tables scrollable with the headers fixed at the top.

I can’t seem to find it using google again, but I recall seeing something about using a tables ‘column model’ or something of that sort.