Synchronize Webhost and WAMP Settings

I want to install WAMP on to my old Windows XP PC. I have never done this before.
The biggest concern is making sure the WAMP settings are the are synchronized with the
PHP, Apache, Mysql settings of the web host. These domains will be eventually be uploaded from the developmental environment, on my local PC, to the webhost and I desire this process to be as smooth as possible.

For example, the last time, I checked my current web host uses PHP v5.2.17 and the latest PHP is v5.4.9

What is the the best way to synchronize webhost and WAMP settings?

Are you using shared hosting? If so, then I doubt, that you will be allowed to change server configuration or even access it.

Yes I am on shared hosting. I don’t want to changed my webhost’s server configurations. I just want to make sure the WAMP settings and my webhost’s settings are the same.

WAMP comes as complete package, so unless you are willing to install each component by hand there’s no easy way to get the same versions as on server. For the php configuration, I can’t think of anything if there’s no access to config files. You can try using ini_get_all to make something semi automatic, for syncing the settings. And php loaded extensions can be retrieved with [URL=“”]get_loaded_extensions.

It’s not as hard as you think. You just keep your website files in the same place on your puter. After you’ve downloaded wamp you just point wamp at your websites. You FTP them live as you normally would. In other words. Wamp is like picasa. It can just mirror your files like picasa does.