Synching several devices

Ok hardware people,

My mother has a laptop, a netbook and an iPhone and she wants to synch her email, calendar and her contacts between the three.

What is the best solution?

I’ve looked at MobileMe but it doesn’t seem to synch the calendar between the laptop and netbook, and it doesn’t allow her to use her normal email address.

Any advice?

Can you tell us what she uses?

Sure - sorry, that would be helpful!

She uses an iPhone, and a HP laptop and netbook.

We have tried MobileMe but that doesn’t allow you to use an external email address, you have to use a address, which doesn’t work for her business.

I’d run with google myself. Definitely works with contacts and email, not so sure about calendar but I think there are some options out there.

lol hawk you didn’t tell us anything new, you covered that in #1… Sorry I meant what programs/services she uses. Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc

Haha. Yesterday was a bad day!

Ok, she uses Outlook with a POP mail address (which I suspect is the problem).

MobileMe is synching her calendar and contacts perfectly, but it is accessing her mail that is the issue.

Can that POP box be an IMAP box?

Move her over to GMail and then it will all sync pretty easily.

Otherwise, can she use IMAP or Exchange for email instead of POP3?

Is there an easy way to find out?

Not really an option. She’s part of a small partnership and they all use a business domain which they want to continue using.

Does the server back-end support IMAP? Even if it don’t, GMail is an option, its just called Google Apps for Domains. Same features, your address.

Sweet, I’ll look into that. Thanks Wyatt.