Symfony 3.0 is released!

Out with little pomp and circumstance.


What is your favorite new feature or issue that was resolved with Symfony 3.0? (Sorry, I don’t do a lot of PHP work, if this is a bit of a silly question).

I’ve maybe only touched one project that used symfony in the past, most of the time, I work in .NET and there have been features in .NET that were released that were life altering, to how I code. I would imagine symfony would end up with similar experiences?

While Symfony 3 shares most of the same concepts as Symfony 2, the implementation has changed considerably. Here is what is turning to be the must fun part of the upgrade:

The documentation url includes the word current. Up until yesterday, current pointed to the Symfony 2 documentation. Now it points to Symfony 3. The two are definitely not backwards compatible. So now we have umpteen thousands of articles and help posts which are linking to incorrect documentation.

Lots and lots of questions already on stackoverflow. Going to be a fun ride.

Look here to see some of the recent changes:

Mostly incremental at this point. In fact Symfony 2.8 and 3.0 are pretty much functionally identical.

Did they get rid of annotation yet? PHP’s docblock annotations are abomination, and should not be used at least until native implementation becomes available

Nope. And they even insist on using semi-colons. Barbarians!

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Good question. I simply like the more componentized direction, which Fabian mentioned in one of his blogs some time ago. Symfony was already well componentized, but now it is taken into consideration completely into the design, as certain parts of Symfony 3.0 have been separated into more detailed components. This offers a higher level of flexibility for more experienced programmers and, at the same time, the less experienced programmers can still get the kitchen sink framework, if they want.


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