Symbol '+' is not getting transfered to another page!


I’m trying to transfer a name to another webpage using the below code.

echo "<tr bgcolor=$bgc><td>$next</td><td><a href=javascript:void(0); onclick=\\"'$dir')\\" target=main title=\\"Click to view the File location\\">$name</a></td><td><center>$stype</center></td><td><center>$audiotype</center></td><td><center>$videotype</center></td><td><center>$bitrate</center></td><td><a href=\\"completedetails.php?						av=$audiovideo&directory=$directory&atype=$audiotype&vtype=$videotype&name=$name&streamid=$id&ao=$aonly&vo=$vonly& \\" target=main title=\\"Click to view complete details\\">Click Here </a></td></tr>";

And i’m accessing all the details sent in another page called ‘completedetails.php’. The value of name which has to be sent has a ‘+’ symbol included in the name. Now, this ‘+’ symbol is MISSING when i try to access using the below code in the next page where i’m accessing this name. This name keeps changing and is not constant as some other name may not be having ‘+’ symbol.

	$name = $_REQUEST[name];

How can i get this ‘+’ symbol in the name in the next webpage(i.e., completedetails.php page)

Thanks in advance.


No problem

Try using urlencode()

Thanks sgtlegend. It solved my problem.