Switching from Web Design to Programming

So I just decided recently im going to switch my degree. I’m at a 2 year technical college getting a degree in CIS: Website Design.

I think this is a very narrowed down and small niche, so I will be switching to a 2 year Programming degree at the same college.

The course goes through C, Java, Oracle DB, SQL, OS Systems, Database Fundamentals, etc. Its very similar to the web design course, but with all the C, Java coding courses.

My plan after this is to go back to school or online to get some sort of Webdesign certificate or diploma. This way I have a more solid core where I could branch out and do many things, not just web design.


Sounds like a solid move. Development and design are two very different things.

Yessir! I love web design but I think “coding” is more practical. That’s not to say I couldn’t get a web design job, and have the coding background just in-case. Or Vise-Versa. More of options, and putting forward the best ones first.