Switching development environment from Windows to Mac

I am currently developing in Windows. I do MySQL, PHP, Apache web server, jQuery and javascript, HTML & CSS. I currently use Dreamweaver as a text editor and content manager for organizing directories and files and porting files up to the site. I also use Notepad++ as a side text editor for CSS, htaccess and other note type files so I can have multiple files displayed at the same time. Also use Ipswitch FTP client as well. It is a single developer environment.

Any recommendations for moving to the Mac would be appreciated. I can move my Dreamweaver license over if I choose.


For my dev environment on Mac and Windows I use the following (among other tools)

[]XAMPP (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl)
[]Komodo Edit - My code editor of choice.
]Filezilla FTP client
[/LIST]All of these have versions for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux - which is one of the reasons I use them, as they provide me with a consistent environment to develop in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, I appreciate the help.