Switch case dynamic generate it

i agree my skills are low but function-able im currently watching the tuts plus videos on php to learn bits and peaces.

i think for now this thread can close as horrible as the functions are with the table name bit the in_array is preventing any injection and the script does not really accept user input so it should be safe for an internal network.

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The topic will auto-closed when nobody answers in 3 months. We normally leave topics open so if someone has the same issue, he can feel free to ask more detail about the question itself.

But trust me, after two years away from real coding, my skills are worse than a newbie so you can feel great knowing that there are people out there that needs to learn the whole thing again.

If you have questions about the topics in your videos or something is not clear, do feel free to create another topic and ask :wink:


If you have the basics of PHP down, then you should also start to learn about OOP in general. Then get to more advanced OOP topics. Once you have that down, you should learn about patterns and software design. Then learn how to use a good framework like Symfony.


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