Swf works; but the html does not?help

hi i’m trying to build a simple portfolio site in flash, It’s completly finished but when i publish the swf and html theres one link the html file doesn’t recognize

im using… on (release) { getURL(“file:///Users/Drea/Desktop/portfolio_accumulating/labs/Threadless/index.html”);

the swf works perfect; but for some reason the html won’t work? can anyone help me with this? im kinda new to all of this…


It might be due to the URL being an absolute path rather than a relative one.

I mean you’re using file:///Users/Drea/Desktop/portfolio_accumulating/labs/Threadless/index.html instead of something such as /portfolio_accumulating/labs/Threadless/index.html

Don’t know though, not a Flash/ActionScript guru by any means!


Problem is you are trying to access the local resource.

while working with the flash application it is fine but when you run from html you need to provide the relative path not he absolute.