Swf and timer

I create a flash banner using as3 where it loads the images and swf both the files using xml.

what will be best option to make it change automatically, for image I have used the timer where it changes in certain interval of time but since swf what will be the best option.

Timer only according to me would be the best option.

Timer is working for the image file but what about the swf since it can have loading time too. If the file loads instantly there is no any problem but if not whole thing will get mess up.

Reset the timer interval after every complete load of an asset, that way it won’t matter if a swf takes longer to load. Alternatively use a load queue so that content can load sequentially behind the scenes and as fast as possible, so content is already loaded ahead of the display schedule.

what about the length of the swf file, if I go through the timer I have to make all swf with equal time.

i was thinking of finding out the time of the loaded swf file and manage it according to that but was not able to do it.

In that case declare a boolean variable and when the swf has stopped playing make it to true, in your interval check if the variable is true, if its true then just fire up the required function.