Swap text with Hebrew

Hi, I am using PLOGGER open source web gallery software on my website. Everything is cool except I would like the Next and Previous buttons to be in Hebrew. Can you tell me how to change the following PHP code, so (before echoing the text) it swaps all instances of Next with הבא and all instances of Previous with הקודם

<td id=“prev-link-container”><?php echo plogger_get_prev_picture_link(); ?></td>
<td id=“next-link-container”><?php echo plogger_get_next_picture_link(); ?></td>

Many thanks,


I do not use Plogger but it says on their webpage there is an “options page” and I would check that first.

If nothing there search all the files for “Next” and “Previous” and just replace the text - you may have to change the page character encoding if Hebrew is not supported.

Thanks for tip but we have tried all this already. Leao

Well you did not try very hard as I downloaded the code unzipped it and found the code to change in about 1 min.

I think it is in plog-includes/plog-functions.php

thanks everyone!