Survey on colours and icons


I am trying to reach out to 100 people on a survey that takes no more than 5 mins on colours and icons.

What I noticed is there is a perception or association about messages and if you have a strong brand colour like red or orange, will users be receptive to other colours?

If you like to take part in the survey, here’s the link:

Please feel free to share with friends and leave any comments or suggestions.

Thank you.

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I’ve unlisted your topic, as I’m unclear about the purpose of your research.

Please take a look at the section on surveys in the FAQs, and if you believe your survey is admissible under those guidelines, then please provide the relevant information.


Well I am trying to understand if might influence the UX and not design influencing UX. Because I am doing a study on users in the eCommerce space. Rather than looking at sites and just copy what people are doing, I just want to collect feedback from the survey just to understand this better.

Sorry if I have broken any rules.

So your survey is for your studies, not for business?

Would you be willing and able to share the results of your survey here afterwards?

Yes, it is for studies.

I am happy to share the findings as I am designer and it is so easy to jump into design without asking why.

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OK - that seems fine to me. I look forward to seeing your results.

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After I completed the survey matching colors and icons with messages I was presented with the total outcome so far. That was a good feedback, thanks!

Now, I want to give some feedback on the presentation of the result:

For each color and icon the distributrion of votes for their messages were visualized as a bar chart and in a list of the messages with their percentages. So far so good.

But reading the results for the colors and icons was downright useless:

  • The colors were referred to by number in order, not showing what color they were in the survey. Leaving the results out of context.

  • The bar chart visualizing the amount of votes for a message to fit the color was very confusing.
    Instead of showing the messages the bars represented, they had colors to correspond with colors in the below list of messages with their percentage of votes.

  • Also the choice of bar chart colors were confusing as they could be mistaken for the survey colors, as the messages in the survey were asked to be associated with a given color.

  • The icons too were referred to by their number, not showing the actual icon.

Anyway, i’m glad you made the trouble putting the result together and show them after the survey. :slight_smile:

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Test done. Being colourblind the colour related question I couldn’t answer - they all looked similar to me.

A bit of shame the results don’t show the icons next to the chart that refers to them. And there was no red option? ‘Low in stock’ would seem to be a warning situation to me. But then again, that’s very cultural.

But an interesting idea.

@glizhenliu If you can come to some kind of conclusion, there might be an article worth writing?

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