Suppressing notifications from a topic

This is slightly off topic but is there anyway for me to completely hide this thread from showing up? For example, I never want to see it again regardless of updates in recent posts, php topic, etc.

What is On-topic here?

Have you tried Mute ?

Yes, it keeps popping up in the latest and new views. When it isn’t new or latest in the least.

You see at the end of this thread, there are buttons for “invite”, “bookmark”, “share”, “flag”, “reply”?

Right under that is your thread setting. E.g. mine is set to watching. Yours is probably set to tracking.

That dropdown has a “muted” option.

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Does that just hide all the threads started by a particular person or does it affect other threads started by other people as well?

If you use “Mute” on a thread, it (should) suppress all notifications on that thread, and stop it appearing in your “unread” list.

If you set “Mute” on a category (from your Profile preferences), it will suppress all notifications for that category - but I suspect only for new topics in that category. (I can’t remember for sure.)

It can be done the hard way with a user style, e.g. Stylish or similar extension depending on your browser. Each thread in the listing has a data-topic-id="SOME_ID" attribute on a <tr> in html so it’s easy to hide it with css.

Example for Firefox to hide this thread:

@-moz-document domain('') {
    tr[data-topic-id="191138"] {
        display: none !important;

Yes, that is correct.

And if you use Mute User, it simply hides all notifications from that user. You will still see their posts in the topic, but you will not get “Muted User replied to you”, or “Muted User sent you a PM” type notifications.

I didn’t realise we now have that feature. Where do I find it?

In your preferences under the Muted section for Categories

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