Supported css for smartphones?

Hi everyone,

i’m really new to designing for the smartphone market and i am losing so much time when it comes to creating something then trying to fix the css because it’s not compatible with another version of a OS (android,IOS) and i was wondering is there a magical land where a person has shared there pain which i am having and created a site that can give me just a overview of unsupported css for mobile devices?

and i am not talking about something like because i really don’t want to look through all the css properties and check if it would work before starting to code it :smile:

Thank you for reading this and any help would be great, have a great day.

Generally speaking, there is just as much support on desktop browsers as mobiles. What exacttly are you having trouble with? You shouldn’t be having as much trouble as you are claiming you have.

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Hi RyanReese, let me give you and example:
in Android (4.3 and below) if you want to use border-radius you will have to have this structure

<div>  /* on this div you set your overflow and position */
    <div> /* on this div you set the border-radius */
        <img src="#">

you have to have the border radius on a inner div because you can’t have an overflow and border-radius on the same div else it will not work, and if you look at Android 2.3 (because there is still lot of people who use phone with it) you can’t even use % as a value in your border-radius.

Now this was just an example of border-radius and my whole question in the first place was if anyone knows of a site that can tell you upfront like hey don’t use % in your radius because there is a little problem in Android 2.3 and you have to have a inner div if you want to have an overflow.

i hope this help explain a bit of what i mean with my post :slight_smile: thanks for the reply.

It’s best to let older devices get square corners (etc.) than try to chase them all down for styling purposes.

Here’s a handy reference for use of HTML5 / CSS3 etc:

(That’s just a filtered result for CSS.)

2.3 is a very old android version. Not sure I agree with you saying a lot of people use it. In that specific case, ralph is right. That’s CSS3 not being supported so you can either apply an image to get rounded corners or just leave it alone. Dependson how much you want rounded corners.

hey there sorry for the long wait on my reply, just to explain the 2.3 here where i live (South Africa) when samsung released there Galaxy pocket a lot of people got them self the phone and are still using it because smartphones here almost cost double as in the US or UK (import duties) so my reason for saying it’s used a lot still is specific to my case, this all feels like IE all over again.

thanks for the link i will have a look :smile:
Thanks for the help

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