Support Review of: OC3, PacificRack, ServInt, ThePlanet, and 100TB (midphase)

A quick review for those of you looking for dedicated hosting, a lot of it comes down to how well the support is, so I thought I’d give a quick review from Best to Worst based on the simple task of figuring out a server out and getting it back up and running:

Response Time: 1 minute
Resolution Time: 8 minutes max

Great communication, and they do enough work to be called “managed”, as they’ll modify configurations to ensure a server keeps running like it should

Response Time: 6 minutes
Resolution Time: 10 minutes

Also great communication, and techs go beyond the call of simple support

Response Time: 10 Minutes
Resolution Time: 14 minutes

They will work on some simple configs to get server back up, but you may need added support for advanced config changes.

Response Time: 10 Minutes
Resolution Time: 16 Minutes

They are great at simply getting server back up, but don’t expect too much more help than that. Better know how to manage your own server with them.

Responds Time: 10-20 Minutes
Resolution Time: 2-3 hours (and that’s just to restart your server)

Absolutely horrid in terms of service. What they lack in any sort of efficiency they make up with for lower prices on their servers. If you don’t mind having your server down, waiting on support, then the price could be worth it.

I’ve used a few other datacenters, but not long enough to give real feedback on them. These are the ones I’ve had enough tickets with to come to a conclusion.

PacificRack is by far the best datacenter I’ve used, and am happy that their support is top notch.

Hope that helps

*Oh, and I should remind that Hivelocity stole money from me, so I only suggest them to competitors. lol

Just an update that PacificRack and OC3 have been combined into a single brand since late 2009.
We operate under a single corporation now and the individual sites will soon be direct forwards to QuadraNET.

Ryan. Nice job here.
You seems to have very rich web hosting experience and very good memory.


I’ve had experience with a couple others, but not enough to rate their support.

I should have pointed out that I was on one of those semi-dedicated (but not exactly vps) servers at ServInt.