SuperNova Networks Hosting - Bad Mistake

I signed up with SuperNova Hosting a month ago, got their Big Crunch Package that came with a Domain name of my choice.

They were extremely quick to debit my credit card of the annual fee. However now, a month later, and I still have no hosting and no domain.

The domain name I wanted was <no need to give it away> if you search it now, you will see that the domain name is still available to buy, even though I paid for it a month ago!!

During this last month, I have emailed them every day asking whats happening with my hosting and domain account and every day, I get the same response of ‘we’ve passed your query onto another department’. Now because I am in Australia, and Super Nova hosting are in America, I’ve only rang them 3 times. However 3 times should be enough.

Each time I’ve rang them to sort this out, they just say, ‘oh I’ll send the other department a message for you and I’ll chase it up’ But they don’t, and still I get nowhere.

I have just finished sending them my 26th email asking for someone to help me… I have been through their ‘cancel my account’ procedure, and now of course… no one is responding to that either.

It’s clear I won’t be getting my hosting or domain name. And doubt I’ll be getting any refund either.

A Bad mistake choosing to go through them. If they had a technical issue, then fair enough, but they have been blatantly avoiding and ignoring me now for a month. And thats crappy considering they took my money!!

I would advise that you snap up the domain through another provider before it disappears.

And doubt I’ll be getting any refund either.

Talk to your bank. Show them the proof you have (print the communications you’ve had with them), and see what they advise. You’ll probably be able to do a chargeback for services not rendered.

I believe any domain name related issues can be solved trough ICANN. Iftyou can get refund for your web hosting you can issue chargeback anytime. Of course if your payment system allow that for you.

I would do what ralph.m suggested. This isn’t a matter for icann. Obviously this hosting company has taken your money and not provided any goods. I would register the domain name using or something and go through the process with your credit card company to dispute the charges and be done with it.