Supermarket online


im just curious as to as to if they are any other online shopping cart software that can be suiteded for online supermarket that i can sell products that are charged based on weight of the product??

Many carts provide variables such as size, so I don’t see why weight couldn’t be a factor. If nothing else, a script could be written to calculate the price before it is sent off to a processor.

There is no online shopping cart that provide facility of weight of product. Mostly used for price of product.

Generally shopping cart software charged on the amount which customer buys and transportation cost is depend upon the weight.

aspdotnetstorefront allows you to set prices based on weight, but that would require a windows host for you. There may be some options available to you.

There is a recently-updated list of e-commerce systems in the sticky threads. You might find something there.

I know this shopping cart software lets you create weight based shipping plans by product for sure without having to write your own calculation scripts, see it lists weight based shipping as a type here:

I’m sure if you look into the list TechnoBear links to you’ll find others would also have a built in weight shipping calculator as well, but I’ve not used the others to be able to tell you which of those do and don’t.