SuperFish/SuperSubs not playing well with JQuery Innerfade

I have a site I’m working on,, and the dropdowns wont stay active to select a submenu item using SuperFish/SuperSubs.

It worked perfectly with only one image in the banner rotation at the top of the page. As soon as I added more than one image to the banner_box div for rotation, it’s very tricky to select a submenu item.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Okay, I’ve fixed the initial issue. Now what I’m left with is that the submenu drop-down sometimes disappears when you start mousing down over the other selections.

I’m stuck here… :confused:


The menu didn’t seem to bad to me and the only place I noticed the menu dropping out occasionally was on the “Health” link.

It’s probably a conflict with that slideshow that you have going on in the header.

Try removing the superfish and see if the menu behaves or try removing the slideshow and see if the problem persists and then it should narrow the problem down a a little.