Superfish Malware

I have suddenly notices the following opening up in my broswer:

I have run a number of virus scans, run a specialized tool from Lenovo and followed instructions on some forums but now of those seem to review anything installed on my computer.

Anyone got any ideas?

It’s malware that was installed by Lenovo - following the uproar they provided a removal tool

Hi what is strange is that I don’t have a Lenovo device nor Lenovo software on my machine. Aldo when I ran the tool it did not discover anything

Have you tried using Malwarebytes?

Edit: Which browser are you using? I found a discussion about the problem on Firefox, with various solutions.

Not that I’m aware off

It was an adware that was pre-installed software in Lenovo computer.

That’s true, but it doesn’t only affect Lenovo systems, and abasel has already said his isn’t Lenovo.

If you use CCleaner to clean out any unwanted programs on your computer that should do the trick along with Malware Bytes or Rogue Killer, Both of which are free and ones I personally use on clients computers. I wouldn’t recommend McAfee or Norton as there are programs out there today offering 100x the protection.

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