Super wide body problem in Safari

If you view my website in safari the page is incredibly wide which is unintentional. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Paul’s second example shows you how to do it. :slight_smile:

ah i see. How can i accomplish that then? display:none?

Hrm, weird. My guess is it’s got something to do with the #follow div, but it’s just a guess. What happens if you temporarily get rid of that?


It’s because of the way you tried to hide the text in the span.

#solutions-one a.details span, #solutions-two a.details span, #solutions-three a.details span { margin-left:-10000px;}

To hide stuff you really need to remove it from the flow.


#solutions-one a.details span, #solutions-two a.details span, #solutions-three a.details span { margin-left:-10000px; [B]position:absolute[/B]}

That looks suspiciously like keyword stuffing to me though :slight_smile: