Super TIP. Get A PR6 backlink for your site!

Hi guys, i wanna show you a trick how to get a PAGERANK 6 backlink with NO NOFOLLOW on it.

Everybody probably knows

What you do is:

  1. make a free account
  2. activate your account, login, and set your website in your profile. Now you have a backlink but with no-follow on it, so its no use for SEO purposes.
  3. upgrade your account to a PRO account, and the NO-FOLLOW will be removed. It is only $2.95 for a PRO account, and this will get you a solid PR6 backlink. Probably the cheapest way of getting one


It won’t be a link from a PR6 page, it will be a link from a page with no PR, buried in the site’s hierarchy and very likely not even indexed, i.e. useless and definitely not worth the $2.95 you’d be paying if you’d only be paying to get a link and not for the actual service.


Even if you did get a PR6 link out of it that link would still be irrelevant to your site and so would have no affect on anything except the PR of your page (which is such a minor part of what the search engines use in ranking pages that it will almost certainly have no affect on your placement in the search results whatsoever).