Sun VirtualBox and IE6-XP .vhd

How come when I run the IE6-XP.vhd in VirtualBox it wants me to reactivate windows but will not allow me to do it. Then I end up in an endless cycle of xp needs the installation disc to install drivers for the significant hardware changes my computer just went through. (there have been no hardware changes during the VirtualBox install)

Isn’t IE6-XP.vhd an image for Microsoft Virtual PC? That’s not the same virtual hardware as VirtualBox.

Not sure. I was told VirtualBox was better. Guess that was bad advice. :frowning:

VirtualBox is better. But you can’t usually take files for one program and use them in another, and that’s besides the fact that Windows always requires reactivation after a major hardware change. Moving from one virtual PC to another is the equivalent of taking the hard drive out of one real PC and putting it in another. You’d have the same issue.

If you have a Windows XP CD and license, then boot up a fresh VirtualBox image and install it there.

VirtualBox has been able to read/use vhd files from VirtualPC for a while.

The actual issue Ben is having here relates to something I believe Microsoft does with the images.

I actually went through the process to convert from a vhd to a VirtualBox native vdi file, and the end result was the same as Bens. I Believe it’s because VirtualPC exposes a different set of hardware that windows is activated against. When you run it in VirtualBox it see’s different hardware and forces a reactivation.

In the past, these MS provided images could be converted and run in VBox, without ever expiring. I guess they fixed it.