Summing rows in a phpMyAdmin SQL query

I have an SQL table (‘memclicks’) which contains monthly integer values (in columns) for a number of rows (less than 200). The following SQL query creates a result which also shows names against each row (from the ‘listings’ table):

SELECT listings.bus_id, listings.bus_name, jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jun, jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, memclicks.dec FROM listings LEFT JOIN memclicks ON listings.bus_id = memclicks.bus_id where listings.display = "Y" ORDER BY jun DESC

I would like to add a further column showing the annual total (summing across the columns jan…dec). I understand there’s an SQL SUM function, but I’m unclear how I should use it, and none of my books are very helpful.

This is a phpMyAdmin query, and I shall export the result to a spreadsheet. There’s no current intention to create a PHP query. I realise I can create the sum in the spreadsheet, but I prefer to do it in the query if possible.

How should I modify the query to generate this extra column, please ?

SUM is an aggregate function (it adds multiple rows, rather than multiple columns in the same row).

… nov, memclicks.dec, (jan+feb+mar+apr+may+jun+jul+aug+sep+oct+nov+memclicks.dec) AS total FROM …

Thank you, that works perfectly.