Summer Vacation

For best summer vacation…Boracay and bohol is the most common capital place in Asia. This is a part of the Philippines wherein many tourist fell in love with the place and with the people. In fact, many tourist from different countries are now resident in these areas bcoz of the beautiful and wonderful climate. Aside from the hospitality of the Filipino, they also enjoy the food here and the cost of living is very economical. So, if you haven’t been in the Philippines, your missing a most wonderful experience…therefore, come on down!!..:slight_smile:

Yes Boracay is really the best places to spend summer vocations, a beautiful beach. And in Bohol i like the chocolate hills. These should be seen while visiting Bohol. And also the city Swat in Pakistan called as “Mini Switzerland”.

Sounds good, I’m planning to visit Thailand this summer :slight_smile:

i plan to out of country i want vacation to hawaii…

Really wanna unforgettable experience every time i travel! anytime summer or winter.:cool: