Suitable Dynamic Page Development for SEO

Hi everyone!

Hope your day is going good. :slight_smile:

I would like to seek your opinions/advice for this issue that I’ve been having problems with for the past few days. I crawled all over the Internet for hours each day to see if I can find the best solution as possible.

I have developed header and footer in PHP and the rest static pages in order to better the chances of being searched on search engines. I know there are a few ways of changing some parts of the content without reloading the whole page as in iframe, innerHTML, div tags and javascript. I’ve been also aware that AJAX is one of these methods too. But after reading those articles by techno gurus online, these methods won’t help in terms of SEO. I still don’t like how the pages look whenever I click on a link. They jump every time the whole pages reload.

I am still trying to make the website user and seo friendly. I would appreciate alot if you could advise on what’s the best method to change parts of pages dynamically without affecting SEO.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s a good idea though I would really like to have the same consistency for non-javascript users who don’t have to bear with the jerky pages and whole page reloading. Thanks John for that idea, will use it if there’s no other option to have the same consistency for everyone. :slight_smile: