Suggestive Text appearing too far left


Take a look at this page:

When you start typing in the box, “Peter…” You will see a blue dropdown. Problem is that it appear way off the page towards the left.

Any ideas why this is? It should be appearing directly underneath the box…

Would appreciate if someone can help me out :confused:

I’m sure a bit of CSS tweaking will fix that too. Need to see it in action, though.

Thanks Ralph!

The only problem is that if i add 5 textboxes and then try adding text to the third textbox the blue dropdown will appear under the 5th one. But come to think of it, who will do that? :rolleyes:

You need to add something like

#AdminSuggest {
    position: relative;

A positioned element will position itself relative to the nearest positioned ancestor; in the absence of which, the viewport will be chosen.