Suggestions to improve design?

Hey, I’m currently working on designing a new website for a commercial roofing company, right now their old one is bland boring and looks pretty unprofessional. I’m good friends with the owner and he’s giving me a chance to make a new one. I’m not incredibly experienced in the design area and I’ve come up with a pretty basic layout so far. I’m just stuck on designing the graphics themselves to look professional and I was wondering if anyone could provide some suggestions to help me to make the overall appearance look more professionally done. I’ve attached an image for review and all criticisms are welcome and appreciated, thanks a ton.


I would make equal margins after headings (red)
and fix left margin of about text to make it lined up with the rest of the page (orange)

You have to take care of the small things in this regard, you don’t need to do the big changes. Just focus on the small things. Then you will be able to provide it with a professional look.
Best of Luck!

Which small things?

@fuzzman is asking for feedback regarding this specific design, so which areas are you suggesting need work, and what changes do you suggest should be made?

Vague comments and generalisations are no real help.

Small things like the background of the page, you have to take care of the structure of the page.
In the first look it is looking something congested type of page, just make it clear and something that will not give this kind of look.
Moreover, throw some lively colors there.
The theme is about roofing company then you ought to use the same background for it.

Hi @Fuzzman I’d recommend you to get some information (slogans or Call-to-Actions) in the slider, I’ve tested it on a few client’s sites and they do better when testing users regarding information retention (and goals completion too!).
Sidenote: I’m not quite a fan of sliders, this is a nice article regarding that:

Now, I’m more of a data/UX background so you should start the design asking “What are the users going to do in the home section of this website?” and build up from there.

Right now, I notice this:

“Using” a F-pattern scan, there’s no clear objective / message on the site to know what’s about (besides the logo), and without the alignment that @megazoid mentions the paragraphs look messy.

Besides that, the color scheme and the layout, it does quite professional and definitely modern.

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