Suggestions on how to write better reviews


I need some suggestions on how to write better non-alcoholic beverages reviews. Any tips ?

I would suggest 1) understanding your target reader 2) Study wine reviews

For example, if it’s a diet drink, how much weight have people lost drinking it. The text I read seems almost like a generic scrape. Writing seems more a chore than getting the exciting experience you had with this drink down.

You don’t seem like a fan of what you write about. Be enthusiastic. Find something to actually like, don’t describe the drink like an autopsy. Drink the stuff. Don’t struggle to find something to say from the picture alone.

It may not just be copy but people aren’t sure what they want or how to find what they want. Try adding uniform criteria for rating and a scale. Do “best of” articles. Do comparisons between this and that.


Check out this Geerlings & Wade wine review.

Proofread your writing for starters. Your Starbucks piece has “People drinks”. A person drinks. Here’s a page on subject and verb agreement:

Thanks for the inputs and more critics are better for me to become better.

Well, I can not tell you how to write a review of a product you are tasting. The best thing I can tell you is to jot down whatever goes through your mind as you are tasting the beverage. Is it sweet? Is it bitter? And so on. Soon enough you will figure it out on your own.

Definitely start aiming for the nutrition facts.

A title like “0 Calories and yet delicious” would probably get my attention and other weight-conscious viewers as well. Then do heavy research on why that product is so low on calorie.

Or my ultimate favorite is how companies try to use little tricks to thinking their juice is all natural, best juice ever, etc.

For example… I see a lot of:

“100% juice …from concentrate…”

“All natural… 20000g of sugar” (sugar is natural, remember?)

Then you can also aim for taste-wise… Describe in DETAIL of how a drink tastes and compare to other drinks.

And i honestly do recommend that you really work on your grammar.

Good luck!

Remember that your reviews should make the reader WANT to buy the beverage. If you are at a loss for words, make an outline by answering simple questions. What is the caloric content, the carbs, the sugar, etc? What does it make you feel when you take the first sip? Which fruit does it taste like? There are a lot more things you can take into consideration. But always remember that you have to paint the picture in the viewers head and make them desire the drink.

Thanks for all the tips. Yea, my grammar is worse than junior high school kids. English is not my first language. any software that can edit my grammar?

Reviews don’t necessarily make the reader want to buy anything. Good reviews are objective and list the pros and cons of a product. They give the information the reader needs to make a choice whether or not to buy.

have a second person review your content before posting. i have learned this the hard way with many people saying my articles sucked. Even though you proof something yourself, still a second set of eyes always helps.