Suggestions on Custom-Label Hosting Options?


I am working with a company making simple websites and apps for local businesses. We occasionally get requests for various forms of web hosting (and similar services. We have been recommending 3rd party hosts for them (such as Bluehost), and then logging in on their behalf to do the services.



[INDENT]We have considered offering in-house hosting with our own server rack, but this seems like a can of worms we don’t want to open just yet.

So, we were thinking about being a hosting reseller. This way it can give the appearance of being a full fledged host without necessarily doing so, and avoiding the headache. [/INDENT]


The ideal host would be relatively low cost (doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheapest around, we will weigh our options), reliable, have a client login panel that can be custom-labeled, and (ideally), offer support for our clients. We can expect extras like support to cost, but we also figure that if we offer the support it will cost us hours for our employees anyway, and we won’t know their systems as well.

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I know hostgator offers reseller hosting. And I also saw, and a few others.


Do we have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!