Suggestions on best way to implement a skill tree

So I’ve been working on a gamification framework built around a more robust set of game mechanics. So far it’s been a big head scratcher on the best way to implement a skill tree. The theory is that it would engage users with the ability to gain special perks on the site. The goal is the ability to have more than one skill tree type that would render the tree different ways. The database holds the skills info with two special columns that relate to the tier(row) and panel(column) they belong to for placement. The class so far stores a list of tier objects that have an array of panels. I did have it so the skill tree object used a 2d array that was filled with array_fill(). Any ideas of a better implementation? I’ve looked at several java and c# versions but they’re for minecraft or eoe. The skill tree would be similar to borderlands and diablo.

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