Suggestions general content "slider"

Maybe wrong forum…sorry.

My client (a gym) has a smart-TV on a wall. With internet and a pretty decent web browser installed.

He would like to have it display content (posts) from their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as other content/pages from their website. It should be some kind of image slider with e.g. fade in/out between the contents.

I have found e.g. some JQuery sliders that appears to be able to do this, but I would very much like some hints/suggestions since this is new to me.


You’ll want to look up API (Application Programming Interface). Facebook and other online companies have provided APIs that allow their data to pass through to your web site. I imagine they give you the exact code to copy/paste into place on your web page, then you’ll format to suit your web site.


Thanks a bunch for reply. Yes, I eventually figured that out. Thanks again!