Suggestions for Drupal

Hey everyone is doing well,

What I’m wanting is to learn about Drupal for this first time. I want my website to help me post and also assist my audience digest my posts:rolleyes:. So, What are the best Drupal books for beginners like me to read? Feel free to suggest why Drupal may be good or bad choice for what I wish to accomplish.

Thanks, Polyhedra (Daniel)

I would start with the documentation on the drupal site

I found the documentation to be lacking for more advanced tasks like building modules, but for the basics of getting started it was just fine.

“Drupal 7 module development” helped with filling the gaps.

I want to suggest you Pro Drupal Development by John K. VanDyk & Matt Westgate. This is a bests book for working on drupal.

Thanks, the documentation looks like a good place to start. Also having a book will be useful once I actually start coding and need quick references.

Hey Daniel,

barbarahambly has a very good suggestion which is one of my go-to books whenever I recommend a book but first I would look at Using Drupal Second Edition ( This is a great book about how to do things “The Drupal Way” which is kind of important because once you get a good foundation, you’ll have a better understanding of how to to extend your sites.


Edit: avior’s suggestion of the documentation at is spot-on too.